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JEAN NIEL extends its international presence

JEAN NIEL extends its international presence

On November 1st, in the presence of customers, suppliers, partners and officials, the management and the Asia team of Jean Niel inaugurated the new factory whose production is planned to start on January 2019.

L’autumn is here!

L’autumn is here!

Jean Niel signs in 2018 a new range of intense infusions of black and green teas. The French market has seen the birth of many new launches of the 2nd generation of refreshing tea based drinks. End of extracts, time to infusions and their held health benefits and tastes promises! Naturalness, health, pleasure, clean label […]

October will be the month of the international tradeshows for the Fragrances Division of Jean Niel!

October will be the month of the international tradeshows for the Fragrances Division of Jean Niel!

Let’s meet either at New York City, Moscow, Jeddah or Bangkok and discover new fragrance collections! A world of inspiration. ‘IMAGINATION’S FRAGRANCES ‘.

Traditional perfumer savoir-faire

La Maison

Leading fragrance house since 1779, Jean Niel embodies the savoir-faire passed from generation to generation. Today, the company’s expertise offers clients a limitless range of fragrance and flavor creations. This french artisanal company lives up to the challenges and desires of its partners by reinventing customization and personalizing customer relationships. With their eyes firmly set on the future, Jean Niel encourages creativity and offers innovative solutions based upon their experience and audacity.

History of a commitment to senses


The Jean Niel site in Grasse houses the headquarters and 3 activities: Fragrances, Flavors and Raw Materials. The main divisions of Fragrances and Flavors function independently and have their own Marketing, R&D, applications, legislation, quality, sales and purchasing departments. So as to respect the different manufacturing processes and the regulations of each activity, the production sites are separated. The Raw Materials activity supports both internal and external clients.

  • Gérard Anthony : Master Perfumer
  • Georges de Boutiny : General Manager
  • Christophe de Boutiny : Chief Executive Officer
  • Marie-Christine Voynnet : General Manager - Flavors
  • Marie de Boutiny : Applications and Selections Manager - Flavors Division
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History of a commitment to senses


and savoir-faire

Jean Niel is above all known for their savoir-faire, preciously passed down from generation to generation. They have earned the trust of their global clientele through transforming raw materials and by listening to their needs.

and enthusiasm

Availability, integrity, audacity and the desire to perform well are the core concepts which guide the implication of our teams.


Personalized service is second nature at Jean Niel. Each new brief is an opportunity to surpass and reinvent its range. From the raw materials to the commercialization, each step is vital in exceeding the customer’s expectations.

Jean Niel Inc.

Based in Florida, Jean Niel Inc. is today a recognized partner on the American continent for its flavors in the food and beverage industry.