Passion and professionnalism


A world without fragrance is a world in black and white. Rich in reminders and emotions, perfume marks our daily lives and our memory.
Jean Niel provides you with a range of expertise and talent to create an exclusive fragrance which is just right for your project. Because perfume speaks about emotions, our teams actively get involved in a close and long-lasting relationship with our clients.

The perfumers

Relying on the multicultural perfumer team’s talent and experience, and the group’s expertise in trends and markets, Jean Niel works for the biggest names in fine fragrance, home care and high-end cosmetics.

Evaluation? and marketing

Constantly attentive to new trends and market evolutions, the marketing department analyzes customer needs and anticipates innovative trends. In close collaboration with this evaluation, they assess, accompany and validate the relevance of olfactory developments in line with the client specifications.
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Application laboratory

The application laboratory guarantees the performance of our compositions. It rigorously puts in place a series of accelerated stability tests (heat resistance test, UV radiation…) to attest to the quality of the olfactory results and physical qualities (solubility, color) of the product. It assists our clients in finding effective solutions for all product innovation requests.

Manufacturing secrets


Surrounded by market specialists, our perfumers express their creativity in a variety of fields of expertise. Thanks to their individual and collective skills, their expertise and cutting-edge technology, Jean Niel's compositions offer a unique character with high impact which meet your expectations.

Fine Fragrance

Fine fragrance is both the creation of an original fragrance and an olfactory intensity: perfume extract, eau de parfum, eau de toilette, cologne, body mist, solid perfume… Obtaining the right balance to create a real signature is the principle of Jean Niel perfumers.

Cosmetics / Toiletries

Knowledge of the consumers’ habits and needs as well as creativity and technical control are the foundation of cosmetic development. Jean Niel has proven, through its numerous successes, its savoir-faire in the development of cosmetic products ranging from shampoo, shower gel, deodorant, mists, to creams, exfoliants, baby care products and much more…

Home fragrance

The objective of a home fragrance is to offer a sensorial experience. The role of the fragrance is essential but must also be tested for its performance and diffusion be it for a candle, spray, reed sticks or for a spray diffuser.

Savoir-faire passed on from generation to generation


The palette of a perfumer is one of the essential sources of innovation. At Jean Niel, it is regularly enriched with quality raw materials, carefully selected, controlled at the source and transformed in our factories in Grasse. This traditional savoir-faire, preciously conserved by hemi-synthesis or the processing of raw materials, associated with modern industrial methods, helps enhance our compositions.

Natural raw materials

Jean Niel selects the best quality, 100% pure and natural, essential oils from around the world.

Discover the natural specialities on the map
  • Haiti Java - Vetiver
  • Peru - Rosewood
  • Dominican Republic - Amyris
  • Bulgaria - Rose
  • Ukraine, Moldavia - Coriander
  • Russia - Clary Sage
  • Siberia - Pine
  • China - Star Anis
  • Indonesia - Light Patchouli


Rectification techniques (fractional distillation) enable the isolation of certain parts of natural essential oils. The manufacturing processes by hemi-synthesis are also part of Jean Niel’s recognized qualifications.
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Reconstitutions / Substitutions

These are formulations intended to replace a natural raw material with limited availability and often high value but most of all with fluctuating price or quality.
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Innovation, a driving force of creativity

Research & Innovation

The consumer and their requirements today are at the heart of research. To answer their product specifications and requirements, as well as their olfactory demands, our chemists work hand-in-hand with the perfumers to develop original and exclusive formulas or accords. Innovating the olfactory palette guarantees unique and personalized signatures.


Dive into the heart of living matter…capture the fragrance of a wild strawberry, a sliced apple, a fresh root of ginger…The TrueScent™ catalogue evokes the figurative, familiar or exotic natural notes which enrich the perfumer’s palette.
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Our savoir-faire and our scientific and regulatory qualifications allow us to meet the most specific and demanding regulations in order to offer our clients formulations which conform to all fine fragrance, cosmetics and ambiance applications.

Client satifsaction, a daily objective

Production & Quality

With a capacity of 2,000 tons per year and using all of the most modern technologies, the Jean Niel production site has the objective of satisfying clients through the whole chain of values, be they product quality, excellence and rapidity of service or effectiveness and logistical transparency.


The production of perfumed compositions requires a know-how long mastered at Jean Niel. The expertise of the Jean Niel’s technicians ensures that our products are fully respect international production procedures. Within our completely automated production unit, several robotic weighing machines ensure round-the-clock manufacturing of our fragrances, permitting us to meet stringent deadlines.

Quality control

Our Control Laboratory certifies the quality of each of our productions as well as all the batches of raw materials that come into our facilities. Jean Niel guarantees that its products correspond to all legal requirements, national and international (European Cosmetic Directive, IFRA, REACH, GHS / CPL).

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Star Anis


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